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Parts, Maintenance, and Service Schedules
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Everything You Need to Know About Your Toyota: Parts, Maintenance, and Service SchedulesTo confidently conquer the roads as a safe and savvy driver, it's important to understand your vehicle's maintenance needs and components. Whether you're a new driver or just brushing up on your basics, here are five important facts to keep in mind:1. Regular service intervals are essential for optimal performance....

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5 Winter Safety Tips for a Smooth Drive
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5 Winter Safety Tips for a Smooth Drive - Let It Snow!As responsible drivers, keeping ourselves and others safe on the road should always be our main concern, regardless of the time of year. While winter weather can present some difficulties, keeping these basic road safety guidelines in mind will provide us and our passengers with a worry-free journey.1. WINTER TIRES VS. ALL SEASON TIRESProper tire...

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Everything You Need to Know About Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV'S)

everything you need to know about battery electric vehicles (bev's)ADVANTAGES OF BATTERY ELECTRIC VEHICLESThere is an electric vehicle that will fit any lifestyle, depending on where you live and how you drive. The following advantages are some things to keep in mind when considering the switch to a BEV.Advantage: Emissions-Free Driving - With no tailpipe emissions, a BEV can help reduce greenhouse...

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Winter-Wiper-Blades: Hidden Gems
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Winter Wiper Blades: Hidden GemsWhat's the Difference Between Winter Wiper Blades and Conventional Windshield Wipers?When Should I Replace My Winter Wipers?A: Ensuring your winter wiper blades are operating at their best is essential to your safety on the road. Toyota experts recommend switching to a new set when:You experience squeaking, chattering, skipping or grabbingOne or both wipers are...

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2023 Family Trends
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2023 Family Car Trends to Keep in MindWhether it's 5 am hockey practices, grocery shopping, or family camping trips, you need a vehicle that can keep up with everything an active family has to throw at it. Let's look at the 2023 Family Car Trends that will help you concur your day no matter what it has in store.Upgraded Minivans, SUV and CrossoversForm and function collide with the all-new 2023 lineup;...

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FAQ Winter Tires
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6 Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Tires______Q: How long do winter tires last?A: Many variables can impact how long your winter tires will last, most concerning your driving habits. Though we can't provide an exact lifespan, based on an average driving distance of 20,000--25,000 km per year, you'll generally get at least 4--5 seasons out of a set of tires._____Q: How can I tell if it's...

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2022 Tundra
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Introducing the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra - The New Definition of GritThe all-new 2022 Tundra has been redesigned from the ground up to offer improved performance, with a choice of powerful, efficient engines and impressive towing and payload capacity. It also offers premium refinements, a chiseled design and all the tech you need to get you to your destination in comfort and style.STYLE: STRENGTH...

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Toyota Motorsports
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Toyota MotorsportsQuality, reliability and durability may be the things that quickly come to mind when you think of Toyota. It's time to add fun-to-drive to that list. In fact, with a presence in motorsports -- and a legacy of success -- dating back more than 60 years, Toyota has been just as focused on building-in track-bred performance as it has on building-in quality. But first, let's dive...

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Electric Vehicle Myths
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Myths About Electric VehiclesAs gas prices continue to skyrocket across the country, more drivers are thinking of "going electric" -- but what does that mean?Like any new technology, it is easy to get confused about how electric vehicles work, what maintenance they require, whether they will save you money and more. To help you stay in-the-know, we are busting four of the most common...

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5 Tips To Avoid Potholes
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5 Tips to Avoid Pothole Damage on Your ToyotaAh, summer. It's a Canadian classic for a reason. And with international travel restrictions lifting, now is the perfect time for a road trip to bunch of different locations.Before setting off on your fall road trip, you want to make sure your vehicle is as road trip ready as you. "Booking a service inspection" with a Toyota Certified Technician will give...

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Road trip with Toyota
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Getting Road Trip Ready with ToyotaYou know warmer days are fast approaching when you start planning road trips with your friends and family. With breathtaking views, a great playlist, and snacks; it's always the best way to kick off the summer fun. Whether your next escapade is by the Canadian Rockies or somewhere closer, being prepared guarantees that you make the most out of your escape. Here are...

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Toyota Spring Cleaning: Maintenance
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Toyota Spring Cleaning: Spring MaintenanceSpring cleaning isn't just for your home. Your Toyota can benefit from spring cleaning, too! These 3 services keep your Toyota spick-and-span on the inside and out, which may help improve vehicle performance and keep your car in tip-top shape all year long.Spring Cleaning Steps:Service #1: Toyota Combustion and EFI System Cleaner ServiceDid you know environmental...

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A World Without Accidents - Toyota Safety
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A World Without Accidents Toyota's Ultimate Goal Your Safety Is Our Peace of Mind Pre-Collision System Pre-Collision System (PCS) provides collision avoidance or collision mitigation support in certain situations where a frontal collision is likely to occur, and in some cases, will automatically apply the brakes to help the driver. Watch the video to learn more. Always...

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2023 Sequoia
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The All-New 2023 Toyota Sequoia Get Ready for Something Big. Book Your Test Drive Now at Langley Toyota. Full-Size SUV Ready to make it's Mark All-New From the Ground-Up, the Three-Row 2023 Sequoia Is Set to Elevate the Full-Size SUV Segment With It's Robust Looks, Luxurious Comfort, Impressive Technology, and Breath-Taking Performance Courtesy of an Exceptional New Hybrid Powertrain....

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5 Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Toyota Road Ready
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5 Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Toyota Road Ready When summer fades into the rear-view mirror, you know fall and winter are just around the corner. When it’s time to bust out the toques and flannel, it’s time to bring your Toyota to a Toyota service centre near you for a fall checkup. This fall car maintenance checklist will help ensure your car is prepared for the...

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Introducing the 2022 Corolla Cross
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Introducing the 2022 Corolla Cross – Toyota’s Newest SUV With the success of popular existing SUV models such as the RAV4 and C-HR, Toyota introduces its newest vehicle to the lineup, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross. Since 1966, over 50M Corollas have been sold worldwide and now, the award-winning sedan is going to be available as a compact SUV for the first time ever. With...

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2023 Tacoma
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Shop In-Stock Inventory Build & Price the 2023 TacomaIncoming 2023 Tacoma Units AvailableReserve Yours Today

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Toyota Extra Care Protection
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Toyota Extra Care ProtectionMECHANICAL PROTECTIONECP Service Agreement supplements your Toyota factory warranty with extensive mechanical protection and with terms for up to 7 years. With service available from any of 1,500 Toyota dealers across North America, your Toyota will always be serviced with Genuine Toyota Parts and by Factory-Trained Toyota technicians.INCLUDED MAINTENANCE SERVICESTo help...

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