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Toyota Gazoo Racing: Unleashing Thrills on the Track

17th June 2023

Toyota Gazoo Racing has become synonymous with excitement, precision, and high-performance on the motorsports scene. With a rich heritage in racing and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, Toyota Gazoo Racing has captivated enthusiasts around the world. In this blog post, we explore the adrenaline-fueled world of Toyota Gazoo Racing and discover the remarkable vehicles that make it all possible.

Toyota Gazoo Racing

Heritage and Legacy

With a legacy dating back to the 1950s, Toyota Gazoo Racing has a storied history in motorsports. From grassroots racing to international championships, the team has continually pushed boundaries and achieved remarkable success. Over the years, Toyota has refined its racing technologies, blending speed, durability, and innovation to dominate various motorsport disciplines.

Toyota Gazoo Racing History
1957: The Toyopet Crown enters the Fifth Round Mobilgas round Australia, winning a 3rd

The GR Models: Born for Performance

Toyota Gazoo Racing's commitment to performance excellence is embodied in its GR lineup of vehicles. These models are designed and engineered to deliver exhilarating driving experiences both on and off the track. Let's dive into a few notable GR models that showcase Toyota's racing prowess:

  • GR Supra: The iconic GR Supra represents the perfect fusion of heritage and modernity. Inspired by the legendary Toyota Supra, this sports car is a thrilling embodiment of Toyota Gazoo Racing's commitment to performance. With a powerful turbocharged engine, superb handling, and striking aesthetics, the GR Supra promises an unforgettable driving experience.
  • GR Yaris: The GR Yaris is the result of Toyota Gazoo Racing's dedication to pushing boundaries and defying conventions. Born from the world of rally racing, this compact powerhouse combines lightweight construction, a potent turbocharged engine, and advanced all-wheel drive technology. The GR Yaris offers enthusiasts a chance to experience rally-inspired performance on public roads.
  • GR 86: The GR 86 is a driver-focused sports car that showcases Toyota Gazoo Racing's dedication to pure performance. With a low center of gravity, balanced weight distribution, and an energetic engine, the GR 86 delivers thrilling dynamics and an engaging driving experience. It is a testament to Toyota's commitment to creating vehicles that ignite the passion of drivers.

Racing Success and Achievements

Toyota Gazoo Racing's accomplishments on the track are a testament to its pursuit of excellence. The team's involvement in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) has resulted in multiple championship titles and victories, including the historic wins at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. Toyota's relentless pursuit of innovation and performance has made them a force to be reckoned with in endurance racing.

Additionally, Toyota Gazoo Racing's foray into the World Rally Championship (WRC) has been equally impressive. With the Toyota Yaris WRC, the team has secured notable victories and challenged traditional powerhouses in the sport. The dedication to refining technology on the world's toughest rally stages has translated into exceptional performance in both racing and road-going vehicles.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Success and Achievements
Sébastien Buemi, Brendon Hartley and Ryo Hirakawa, the reigning World Champions and 2022 Le Mans winners in the #8 GR010 HYBRID, delivered a faultless performance in Portugal to dominate the race and win by a lap from the #50 Ferrari and the #6 Porsche.

A Commitment to the Future

Toyota Gazoo Racing's involvement in motorsports extends beyond the pursuit of trophies. The knowledge gained on the track directly influences the development of Toyota's road cars, creating a symbiotic relationship between racing and production vehicles. This commitment to technology transfer ensures that Toyota customers benefit from the advancements made through the crucible of motorsports.


Toyota Gazoo Racing is a testament to Toyota's unwavering commitment to performance, innovation, and the pursuit of driving pleasure. With a rich heritage in motorsports, a remarkable lineup of GR vehicles, and an impressive list of achievements, Toyota Gazoo Racing continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on the track and the road. Whether it's the legendary GR Supra, the rally-inspired GR Yaris, or the exhilarating GR 86, Toyota Gazoo Racing's dedication to delivering heart-pounding excitement remains unparalleled. Get ready to experience the thrill of Toyota Gazoo Racing and witness the power of precision and performance in motion.