Toyota warrants each new vehicle. For the purpose of warranty in Canada, Toyota is Toyota Canada Inc.

Warranty Begins:
The warranty period begins on the warranty registration date as shown on the vehicle information statement. The warranty registration date is the original in-service date and may be earlier than the date of sale.

Warranty Application:
This warranty is applicable to any vehicle registered in Canada and normally operated within Canada or the United States mainland.

Where To Go For Service:
Warranty service is only obtainable from an authorized Toyota Dealer.

When your vehicle is inoperative due to a warranted part failure which is covered under the New Vehicle Warranty, towing service is covered to the nearest authorized Toyota dealer.

Nullifying The New Vehicle Warranty:
Certain factors or conditions such as negligence, modification or accidents can nullify any of the warranties. Your local Toyota dealer can advise you of all of the conditions that could compromise the vehicle’s warranty coverage.

Replacement Parts Warranty:
If your Replacement Parts are purchased from & installed by a Toyota dealer, your Replacement Parts warranty covers the parts & labour*.

Roadside Assistance Warranty:
Toyota Roadside Assistance representatives are there to ensure you receive prompt, efficient service from approved service providers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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